Buckmaster Show 2/10/2011

Today on Buckmaster– Pima County Supervisor Ray Carroll sits down with Bill to discuss the RTA and Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry’s decision to withhold 80 million dollars due for city road projects. Next, Tucson International Airpot CFO Dick Gruentzel calls in for an update on the airport’s growing number of services. Following that, Mia Hansen, Executive Director of Tucson Meet Yourself,  and Kurt Tallis, 4th Avenue Merchants Association, stop by to talk about their newly founded organization,  Festival & Events Association of Tucson and Southern Arizona, and their ongoing efforts to build a sense of community in Tucson. To close out the show, Ken Scoville, Buckmaster Show History Contributor, joins Bill in studio to discuss the 30th Annual Celebration of Fort Lowell’s Historic Sites.

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