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Leeward Island travels in: MONTSERRAT


The West Indian island of Montserrat is among the least visited of the 26 nations of the Caribbean basin. After all, there are no fancy, all-inclusive beach resorts that are now the lifeblood of the beach-and-sun sector of the tourism market.

What the small island about 25 miles southwest of Antigua does have is a still active volcano and a modern-day Pompeii. In 1995, the Soufrière Hills volcano erupted, sending ash 50,000 feet into the sky over the Leeward Islands. The island’s 17th century fairy-tale capital, Plymouth, was buried and half the island was covered in ash. The “Exclusion Zone” is still off-limits to visitors without a licensed island guide.


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Staff Pick: Best Radio Talk Show Host

After building an audience over decades as the anchor of AZPM’s Arizona Illustrated, local legend Bill Buckmaster wasn’t ready to retire. So he found a new home doing independent radio Monday through Friday. Buckmaster, who has to be the most knowledgeable, fair and balanced host in town, continues to host a wide range of newsmakers, authors, artists, journalists, economists and other guests who have something interesting to say. Buckmaster demonstrates with every show how much this town needs a radio host who understands the context of what this town is all about.

Arizona Daily Star:

Tucson Ward 3 candidates clash over sales tax proposals


The three Democrats running for Tucson City Council in north-central Ward 3 clashed Wednesday on two proposals to raise the city’s sales tax.

The proposals are Strong Start’s push for a half-cent increase in revenues dedicated to schools, and another plan for a one-tenth of a cent increase going to Reid Park Zoo.

Candidates Tom Tronsdal, Paul Durham and Felicia Chew are competing in next month’s primary election for the Democratic nomination to succeed outgoing Councilwoman Karin Uhlich.

Local firefighter Gary Watson is running in Ward 3 as an independent. There are no Republican candidates for the seat.

During a live interview Wednesday on radio, host Bill Buckmaster’s KVOI program, only Chew, among the Democrats, signaled her support for the sales-tax proposals. Watson was not part of the interview.

Three Sonorans:

Bill Buckmaster begins 6th year of radio show and 50th year in the business!

After being inducted into not just one, but two, different Hall of Fames for Broadcasters in Arizona and Nevada, Bill Buckmaster is still going strong as he prepares for this 6th-anniversary show today at noon on KVOI-1030AM.

Buckmaster is also celebrating his 50th year in the business this year.

Tucson Weekly:

Buckmaster adds another Hall of Fame honor to resume

Two down. Only 48 more to go.

Just last year Bill Buckmaster was recognized by the Arizona Broadcasters Hall of Fame for his decades of familiar work as the lynchpin of Arizona Illustrated, the then nightly news program that aired on Tucson PBS affiliate KUAT TV.

A year later, it has happened again. This time, the Nevada Broadcasters Hall of Fame has honored Buckmaster, based on radio work he did in Las Vegas before he accepted the Arizona Illustrated position in the mid-80s.

Green Valley News:

Buckmaster earns Hall of Fame induction


Radio host and longtime Tucson television personality Bill Buckmaster will be inducted into the Nevada Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame in August.

Buckmaster, who hosts a daily radio program on KVOI-AM radio in Tucson, was a radio journalist in Nevada in the 1970s. He also hosted “Arizona Illustrated” on KUAT-TV for more than two decades in Tucson, and was inducted into the Arizona Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 2015 by the Arizona Broadcasters Association. Buckmaster estimates he has interviewed more than 5,000 people.

Tucson Weekly:

Best Radio Talk Show (Host)

This pick couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Buckmaster is a news legend in this town, and it comes with a reputation – we are talking super strength reputation – for being fair and nice to everyone who walks into his studio. He makes other local media folks part of his daily radio show, and welcomes them with support and interest in their work and life. It’s so appreciated, Bill. We love you.

Tucson Weekly:

Buckmaster named to Arizona Broadcasters Hall of Fame

You know you’ve made it if one name suffices. Getting inducted into a Hall of Fame is pretty good indication as well.

For folks in radio and television, and those who have watched and listened to his broadcasts for the better part of 30 years, just say Buckmaster and they know you’re talking about Tucson’s foremost objective interviewer.

Arizona Broadcasters Association:

Bill Buckmaster inducted into the ABA Hall of Fame

The ABA is proud to announce the 2015 inductees into the Broadcasters Hall of Fame:

Bill Buckmaster, Tom Dillon (posthumously), Maurie Helle & Barry Young

Tucson Weekly:

Buckmaster finds success as AZ Illustrated struggles

It was three years ago this week that Bill Buckmaster started discussing a rather radical change. Buckmaster sat down with longtime local radio talk-show fixture John C. Scott to talk about taking a big chance. It involved abandoning the program through which he had become a known commodity, the program he had helped to launch a quarter-century earlier. He was ready to leave Arizona Illustrated on PBS affiliate KUAT Channel 6 and give the brokered radio talk-show venture a go.

After leaving Arizona Public Media six months later, he endured a bit of rough sledding as one of a number of hosts dealing with the management debacle during KJLL 1330’s (later KWFM 1330) final days as a talk station. But once he jumped to KVOI 1030 AM, Buckmaster’s show was on solid footing. He used his name recognition and a tried-and-true approach familiar to listeners from his long stint in the Arizona Illustrated anchor chair to gain strong advertising support and solid listener numbers. His hourlong show airs at noon weekdays…

Rum, Romanism and Rebellion:

Tedski on the Radio

If you haven’t caught his show yet, it’s a must listen for anyone that gives a darn about what goes on in our town. It’s on KVOI 1030 AM weekdays from noon to 1 pm.


Green Valley News:

Buckmaster says no to campaign ads

Bill Buckmaster, host of the Buckmaster Show on KVOI AM 1030 radio, announced that he will not take any political advertising on his show as the campaign season heats up in Tucson.

Buckmaster, who was host of KUAT’s “Arizona Illustrated” for 23 years, returned to his roots in radio in January at KJLL in Tucson. He moved to KVOI in June, where he hosts an hourlong interview-based show at noon. The show reaches eight counties in Arizona, and into New Mexico.

Buckmaster said he made the decision after he was approached by candidates for Tucson’s Nov. 8 general election. He said he will continue to interview candidates from all parties but won’t air political commercials.

“We allow our listeners to make their own decisions and try very hard not to influence them in any way,” he said in a press release. “To my knowledge, no other commercial radio show has ever refused to air political ads.”

Arizona Daily Star:

What Buckmaster has learned

Bill Buckmaster endured a turbulent first 10 months and change on the radio.

He left hosting duties on the “Arizona Illustrated” TV show after 23 years to start a talk-radio show on KJLL 1330-AM. After only three months, Buckmaster bolted to KVOI 1030-AM, where he’s since settled in. His show airs from noon to 1 on weekdays.

Via email, I asked Buckmaster what three things he’s learned in his first year on radio. Here’s his response:

1. “I have learned that running a small business is a 24/7 job and has given me a new respect for the people who run this country’s small businesses.”

2. “I have learned that guests are much more comfortable sitting behind a microphone in a radio studio than in front of a camera in a brightly lit studio, thus providing a better interview.”

3. “I have learned that live radio with its interactive caller component is much more fun and exciting than taping a television show days in advance of its airing.”

Inside Tucson Business:

Buckmaster changes channels

After four months on the air, Bill Buckmaster is moving his hour-long weekday radio show to a new home.

Starting June 1, the radio show will air at noon on the Voice KVOI 1030-AM in Tucson, and on KAPR 930-AM in Douglas and KJAA 1240-AM in Globe.

He’ll finish out the next two weeks on the Jolt KJLL 1330-AM, where the show has been airing live at 9 a.m. weekdays since Jan. 3. During May, Buckmaster says he’s going to work with advertising clients and line up additional guests and regular contributors for the new show.

“I’m really excited about this,” Buckmaster said. “Part of our business plan from the very beginning was to try to syndicate this show to a wider audience and with this move we can reach an audience in at least eight counties all across Southern Arizona to the New Mexico border and even into Mexico. You can even listen to this station almost all the way to Sky Harbor (airport in Phoenix).”

Buckmaster had hosted “Arizona Illustrated” on KUAT-TV 6 for nearly 22 years and left that job in November to pursue the radio show. He said he’s been extremely pleased with the response from listeners who appreciate his informative and interview-driven style.

“I’m having a ball. You can keep notes at hand and not have to worry so much about looking into the camera plus, you don’t have to wear that high-definition make-up,” Buckmaster said.

Another plus is that the noon-time broadcast means his show will air at a time when more people are in their cars and can listen. It’s also easier for guests to stop by.

He said that idea came from Doug Martin, president and general manager, of the group that owns KVOI, KAPR and KJAA.

Buckmaster said he leaves the Jolt with no ill-feelings.

“I’m very grateful for the opportunity John C. Scott has given me and I think he understands the reasons and is supportive of the move,” he said.

Arizona Daily Star:

The scoop: Buckmaster takes news show to another station

After decades of stability, broadcast veteran Bill Buckmaster’s career has become as active as a pinball.

A little more than three months into his new radio venture, having started the round-table news show “Buckmaster” on KJLL 1330-AM in January, Buckmaster announced he’s uprooting his show and headed over to KVOI 1030-AM, where his program will be simulcast to KAPR 930-AM in Douglas and KJAA 1240-AM in Globe.

The latest announcement comes after Buckmaster spent 23 years hosting “Arizona Illustrated” on KUAT.

“This is not about KJLL. I am grateful for the opportunity given to me by my friend (KJLL general manager) John C. Scott to transition from TV to talk radio. After all, John is the dean of Tucson radio news,” Buckmaster said via email. “But as John well understands, this is about taking my business to the next level.”

Buckmaster will stay on KJLL in the 9 to 10 a.m. slot through the end of the month, then go off the air in May to retool the show before re-emerging on KVOI June 1. The show will air weekdays from noon to 1 p.m.

Tucson Weekly:


Bill Buckmaster, who left his anchor gig with Arizona Illustrated last year after more than two decades to launch his own radio show, is again on the move.

The Buckmaster Show, which airs from 9 to 10 a.m. on KJLL AM 1330, will be heard from noon to 1 p.m. on KVOI AM 1030 beginning in June. He’ll also syndicate the show on KAPR in Douglas and KJAA in Globe.

“I am really excited about this move,” Buckmaster says. “It expands the reach of the show from one end of Southern Arizona to the other, and one of my goals was to get the program into syndication.”

Buckmaster will remain on KJLL through the end of April and will take May off to retool the show. The format will mostly remain the same, with your Skinny scribe continuing to join a roundtable of local journalists on Fridays.

Buckmaster thanked KJLL general manager, talk-show host and friend of The Skinny John C. Scott for helping him launch the show.

“John C. Scott is the dean of local talk shows and a living legend in Tucson,” Buckmaster said. “He was the reason I decided to go with KJLL in the first place, and I’ll always been indebted to him for making the transition from TV news to radio as smooth as it has been.”

Green Valley News & Sun:

From the Editor: It’s safe to turn on your radio

Talk radio is about to get a whole lot smarter, but it took a local TV icon to get us there.

Bill Buckmaster recently ended a 23-year run as host of “Arizona Illustrated” on KUAT’s Channel 6.

Now the guy who was a fixture on your TV screen is headed back to his roots in radio.

You can listen online at, where you’ll find archived recordings of past shows, a list of upcoming guests and information about what’s going on in the area.

Buckmaster is all about asking the right questions of the right people to get the answers we need to make informed decisions.

If you tune in expecting to hear the kind of preaching-to-the-choir rhetoric you get on nearly every talk-radio show in town, forget it.

Buckmaster is single-handedly upping the IQ of Tucson talk radio, and we’ve needed it for a long time.


Buckmaster, an Army veteran, likes to talk about his guests, but let me talk about him for a minute, because he recently collected a couple of notable and well-deserved honors.

He won the 2011 Golden Mic Award from the American Advertising Federation, Tucson Chapter, and the Citizen Medal from the Pima County Sheriff’s Department.

He didn’t win the awards because he’s a nice guy or because it was his turn.

He won them because he’s fair, he’s accurate, and he understands that journalism done the right way contributes to building a strong community.

Our best wishes to Buckmaster, because when his new show succeeds we’re all going to be that much better off.

Sheriff’s Department’s Citizen Medal Recipient:

On December 16, 2010, Pima County Sheriff Clarence W. Dupnik, presented Mr. Bill Buckmaster with the Sheriff’s Department’s Citizen Medal. The presentation was done as a result of Mr. Buckmaster’s outstanding achievements as Managing Editor and Anchor for KUAT TV’s nightly news program, Arizona Illustrated.

Mr. Buckmaster served as the Managing Editor and Anchor for more than 22 years and will be leaving the program after tomorrow’s edition. The Sheriff’s Department congratulates Mr. Buckmaster for his outstanding contribution to journalism, informing the public on a vast variety of subjects, and his direct support of public safety in Tucson and Pima County for the past two decades.

The Pima County Sheriff’s Department wishes Mr. Buckmaster the best of luck in all his future endeavors.

American Advertising Foundation Tucson:

2011 Golden Mic Award

American Advertising Federation Tucson (AAF Tucson) has announced the selection of Bill Buckmaster as recipient of its 2011 Golden Mic Award. For the past 23 years, Buckmaster has been managing editor and anchor for “Arizona Illustrated” on KUAT-TV PBS 6. On January 3, he launches his new broadcast venture “Buckmaster”, a live, daily radio talk show at 9am on KJLL Radio. The award will be officially presented at AAF Tucson’s 30th Annual ADDY Awards gala event on Saturday, February 19, 2011 at The Fox Tucson Theatre.

The Golden Mic award was established to recognize local media personalities who have given selflessly of their time to help raise awareness and contributions for area charities.  The American Advertising Federation Tucson Board of Directors annually accepts nominations for this award.  Previous recipients of the award include Alan Michaels, Bobby Rich, Colleen Bagnall & Patty Weiss, Johnjay VanEs & Rich Berra, Guy Atchley, Brian Jeffries, Chuck George and Ed Alexander.

AAF Tucson and Ad2 Tucson are comprised of more than 400 local advertising and media professionals.